Privacy, digital disconnects at EdNET 2013

EdSurgelogoEducation industry execs say the darndest things. And at EdNET 2013 in Denver, one of the major education industry conferences, that remained the case.

Over at EdSurge, I pull together the common threads from the 25th annual EdNET in the areas of privacy issues and digital disconnects (and toss in a few “heard and overheard” quotes).

What I didn’t include is the wide range of predictions and observations in the closing View from the Catbird Seat session, which featured long-time, knowledgeable session leaders Anne Wujcik and Nelson Heller, accompanied for the second year by a relative newcomer.

The Catbird session started with us being asked to describe the biggest successes of the past 25 years (I chose NetDay‘s wiring of classrooms for the Internet and the double-edged sword of “edtech” going mainstream), biggest disappointments, then go in depth on a trend with a brief presentation, and end with our predictions for the future of education (mine with a nod to my recent GeekWire column on the unexpected — at the time — runaway success of the first graphical web browser).

Tweets tell the tale. Starting with the disappointment.






Some of my Catbird-recommended resources on understanding and using Mozilla Foundation’s Open Badges for student accomplishments (as well as for other types of digital credentials) are linked here. For the rest of the EdNET themes, read “EdNET 2013: Privacy Goes Very Public,” at EdSurge.

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